Artist Information
Bonita was born in northern Kentucky and spent most of her childhood in hilly southern Indiana. After graduating from Indiana Univeristy, Bonita moved to the Mid-Willamette Valley and later to Portland.

Artist Statement
Painting tells a story, one that can be translated into words, or one that is best left to imagery. A painting can represent so many things to both the artist and the viewer, as both participate in the process of communication and self-expression.

Painting is also a wonderful physical process- the feel of the paint, brush on canvas, experimentation with color and motion.

I paint for my own enjoyment. It is something I do because it is a joy.

Current and Upcoming Shows: 


June - July 2010


37th and Hawthorne


 Greeting Cards featuring images of Bonita's paintings are available at:

Lemon Tree
4035 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland, OR 97212
(503) 287-3070

News Articles:
Artists and patrons pleased with S.E. ARTWalk

for THE BEE 5/08
There’s been a virtual explosion of talented artists – working in widely divergent media – in Inner Southeast Portland within the past decade.
In 2002, artist Rin Carroll Jackson created the Southeast Area ARTWalk – now an annual event – to help artists connect with one another. The idea caught on, and now this first-of-March exhibition showcases the work of many area artists for patrons and for regular folks who enjoy the creative stimuli of meeting the creative artisans.
This year’s Southeast Area ARTwalk included exhibits and demonstrations of 80 artists. The public participated by obtaining a free map, and then embarking on a self-guided tour of the artists’ creative spaces, or their homes and businesses in the area.
Artist: Bonita Davis
Location: K&F Coffee, S.E. 26th Ave
Media: Oil on canvas; knitted handbags
At the same bustling coffee shop, we also met Bonita Davis, an artist who creates stunning paintings that catch the eye.
“I’ve been involved with painting, the longest,” related Davis. “Oil painting on canvas is my passion; I’ve been pursuing it continuously for the past 15 years.”
Although Davis works full time providing rehabilitation services, she’s also learning how to create in a new medium – knit art. “Knitting is a relatively new skill for me. I really enjoy it, and it’s portable,” she said as she continued knitting a new purse. “The main attraction for me is the wide variety of beautiful yarns that are available.”

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